Friday, April 18, 2014

Fore! 3 Great Golf Cities

  1.        Rochester, New York – With 64 public courses available to you, you’ll have a hard time deciding whether you want to grab some pizza or go for another round. While it may get cold, at $38 dollars to walk, you can’t get a better deal anywhere else.
  2.     .   Orlando, Florida – Wait on Disney World and cash in on Orlando’s 86 public courses. With half of Orlando being part of the PGA tour, you’ll be playing like a pro in no time!
  3.        Austin, Texas – While it may only have 32 public courses, Austin still is one of the best golf cities. What it lacks in public courses, it makes up for in year round playability. Austin is a great place to golf no matter what time of year it is!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

3 Best American Golf Courses

  1. Pine Valley: Located in the great state of New Jersey, this course boasts three different golf course designs; heroic, penal, and strategic. This eclectic design keeps your play interesting all course long.
  2. Augusta National: A top ranked course for 49 years and running, August National, located in August, Georgia, has housed the Masters Tournament since 1934.
  3. Cypress Point Club: Set in idyllic Pebble Beach, California, the Cypress Point Club offers a naturally beautiful course that weaves through rocky coastline and sand dunes. Voters have also named this course ‘Most Fun’.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Collecting Golf Art on the Fringes

Golf art is emerging as one of the more collectible art genres, which is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it’s exciting to see golf scenes and golf course art enjoying the attention of a wider audience. On the other hand, the most traditional golf memorabilia – golfer photos, golf autographs and golf course paintings – are rising in price. While golf art is still quite affordable in contrast to other sports memorabilia – which makes golf pictures a great investment – it is certainly more expensive than it was a few years ago. There are still, however, specific niches within the golf art world where you can find some great bargains. These niches are especially attractive if you’re more interested in buying golf memorabilia as, say, game room décor or just for the enjoyment value.
Golf Cartoons
Golf has its funny side and no one captures with quite the same panache as cartoon artist Ben Lightfoot. Lightfoot, an avid golfer, has created a unique style of cartoon characters – the Banana Bunch – painted against stunning photo backgrounds as they bumble their way through the golf course. Every golfer will recognize the humorous situations taken to the ridiculous, such as the spider-webbed lady golfer who takes forever to line up her putt. They’re very affordable, making them a great choice for game room décor or as a gift for your favorite golf enthusiast.
Vintage Golfer Photos
Capture the nostalgia of another era with beautifully framed black and white vintage golf photographs. This particular golf memorabilia niche is greatly underappreciated, making them a very affordable accent for any setting in your home or professional setting. They provide a note of charm that is far too often missing in today’s world. You can find anything from photos of famous golfers to delightful scenes of young children trying their hand at the very grownup game.
Golf Movie Posters
Some of the most popular movies in recent times have golf as a central theme. Golf movie posters from movies like “Caddyshack,” “The Caddy” and “Tin Cup” are an anomaly – golf memorabilia and movie memorabilia in one glossy, full-color, oversized package. Signed or unsigned, they’re not only affordable, they’re a lot of fun, and make a great accent in your entertainment room or media center.
If you’re looking for unusual collectible golf art, look beyond the more traditional golf course photographs and golf autographs to find something that’s truly unique.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Golf Course Pictures Help Set a Professional Mood

Are you looking for artwork for your office, board room or other professional setting? Consider golf course pictures. Golf course photographs and paintings are more than just golf memorabilia. Why hang a picture of a golf course in your place of business? Here are just a few of the reasons.
Beautify Your Office Space
Golf greens are among the most beautifully landscaped and picturesque vistas in the world, which means golf course pictures are beautiful landscapes. You can choose from photographs and paintings, either original or as signed or unsigned prints. Choose a golf course photograph or painting in a frame that suits your office décor and you can be sure that it will add a classic touch to your professional space.
Invoke a Mood
Golf course pictures come in all sorts of moods, so it’s easy to choose one that invokes the emotions you want to subliminally produce in the room. Want the mood peaceful and serene? Choose a view of Augusta #12, the Golden Bell hole, on a sunny day – or, for that matter, just about any hole on the famous golf course that hosts the Masters. When it comes to art, Augusta holds a special place in the market. The golf club regularly commissions artists to create works of art featuring each hole. Aside from those paintings, you can find dramatic vistas of windswept cliffs as seen from the links, or a profoundly emotional view of the Swilcan Bridge, looking back at the St. Andrews links, at sunrise, sunset or under the moonlight.
Make an Investment
Golf course art has both aesthetic and intrinsic value. Paintings by a well-known golf artist like Linda Hartough or Marci Rule, particularly originals or signed series prints, are likely to increase in value over the years. Both accomplished artists have painted views of Augusta #12 and many other famous golf courses over the years, and their work has appreciated in value.
Start a Conversation
A picture of a golf course is a great conversation starter. If you do business with other golfers – and who doesn’t? – they’re likely to recognize famous holes and courses. Some may have stories to share of their own exploits on a particular golf course, while others may talk about their dreams of someday playing that course or their memories of watching a golf match where one of the legends of golf or another met the challenges – or failed to conquer it.
Accessible to Everyone
You don’t have to be a golf enthusiast to enjoy golf course pictures. Golfers may have extra knowledge to appreciate the relative difficulty of a hole or have memories to place the golf photograph in context, but everyone likes to look at the majestic landscapes of golf courses throughout the world.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Using golf to decorate a man cave

Perhaps you want to surprise your boyfriend or husband and do up a man cave for his birthday or Christmas.  While it is a great gesture, you must know there is a fine art to decorating such a sacred space and you must do it right, if your man is going to love his new space.
The first thing you want to do when considering the space you wish to decorate as a man cave is never to use flowers, pastels or anything which remotely reeks of the female gender.  A well planned, coordinated and stylish space will bring more pleasure than one that has just been randomly thrown together.  First things first, let’s pick a theme, let’s go with golf art.
You don’t have to be a feng shui expert to understand how decorating a man cave is not rock science, but it does require planning and thought.  You can get creative, but remember it is important to start small and to stick with your golf art theme throughout the area.
The man cave can be any room your man would like to set aside space to pursue his interests while entertaining his friends.  It can be an office, study, the basement or even an attic space.  Any of these spaces would be great and it gives your man his own private area for doing things guys like to do!
If your man loves golf, one way of decorating the space is to purchase some golf memorabilia to fill the walls.  These things can include golf autographs, golf course pictures, and other décor for the room which is themed around golf courses and their favorite players.
When you want to decorate a space for your hubby’s man cave, using golf memorabilia and decorations is a great way to incorporate all the things he loves and giving him a space he can call his very own.  With these ideas, you now have a great foundation for helping to create an inviting space where your hubby or boyfriend can entertain all his friends in style.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Three Famous Golfers You Should Hang On Your Wall

No collection of golf art is complete without photos of some of the most famous golfers of all time. If your golf art collection includes photos of golfers, there are a few names that should be an important part of your set. From early legends of golf to today’s biggest names, these are three famous golfers that should hang in a place of honor among your golf pictures collection.
Robert “Bobby” Jones
Bobby Jones is more than just the most successful amateur golfer of all time. He’s also one of the architects behind the Augusta National Golf Club and a founder of the Masters Tournament held there each year. In 1930, Jones accomplished something no golfer has managed before or since – he won all four of the major golf championships in a single calendar year.
Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan is best known for his golf swing, an iconic swing that, even now, is believed to be perfection. The Ben Hogan golf swing has been immortalized in photographs taken at every point, from addressing the ball to follow-through, but his swing is only part of the story of Ben Hogan, who survived a head-on automobile crash with a bus, a crash that left him with fractured collarbone, pelvis, ankle and rib. Doctors said his golf career was over, but just 16 months later, he won the U.S. Open at Merion. According to the stories of that day, Hogan played in such pain that he couldn’t even mark his own balls on the course. It was all he could do to walk from one hole to the next and take the swing. He clinched the match by forcing a par on the 18th hole – with a 1-iron, and famous sports photographer Hy Peskin captured the moment in a photograph that may be the single best-known golf picture in history: Ben Hogan, golf swing completed, standing in perfect form as his ball hits the green and sticks.
Sam Snead
Slammin’ Sammy Snead is another of the legends of golf who deserves a place in any golfer’s hall of honor. Though he never one the U.S. Open, he did win a record 82 PGA Tour Events and received the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. His 1950 scoring average of 69.23 stood as a PGA Tour record until Tiger Woods broke it in 2000. There was more to Slammin’ Sammy than his golf swing, though. He once forfeited a game rather than play through an 18-hole playoff because he thought a course official had wrongly ruled in his favor on an out of bounds ball earlier in the match. In another match, he decided to deliberately lose after discovering that he had an extra club in his bag – after playing 12 holes in front of a televised audience.
You’ll find great golf autographs and vintage golf photos of famous golfers offered by reputable dealers in golf memorabilia and golf art. Take the time to get to know some of the legends of golf and build your collection of golf pictures with famous golf photos.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Gifts? Golf Course Pictures for All Golf Fans

Has Christmas crept up on you again, leaving you short one or two gifts? If you’ve got golf fans on your list of gift recipients, there’s still time to order custom-framed golf course pictures to hang over the bar or in the office.
Why Choose Golf Art For Your Favorite Golfers?
There are a number of excellent reasons to choose a gift of golf art for your favorite golfing fans. Whether they like to play or just enjoy standing on the sidelines to watch, the subjects of most golf pictures are familiar ones to those who love the game of kings.
Meaning and Sentiment
Aside from the fact that many of the best golf scenes are absolutely stunning landscapes, golf course art also has meaning for those who love the sport. Most golfing fans will recognize a Linda Hartough painting of Augusta #12, the Golden Bell hole at Augusta National, the home of the Masters Tournament, or a photo of the Swilcan Bridge at the Old Course at St. Andrews. There’s a heritage and a history behind those photos and paintings that makes them mean so much more than just a pretty picture.
You can choose from beautiful paintings and signed prints by a golf artist like Linda Hartough, Marci Rule and other famous golf artists. These signed, numbered prints have an intrinsic value and are likely to increase in value over the years. Golf autographs and golf memorabilia also carry their own intrinsic value and are likely to increase in value. Autographed photos of legends of golf like Robert “Bobby” Jones are fairly rare and quite valuable, but golf autographs of such golfers as Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus and Adam Scott, 2013 Masters Champion, are more plentiful and affordable.
Golf Photography
Few golf photographers have acquired the name recognition enjoyed by Joann Dost, whose photographs have graced the pages of GOLF magazine and the walls of the USGA museum and the World Golf Hall of Fame. Her stunning golf landscape photos have redefined the world of golf course art. Another golf photographer of note is Steve Heit, who has photographed golf courses and great moments in golf for more than 25 years. A retrospective of his work would make an imaginative and very special gift for any golf lover.
If you’re looking for an exceptional, thoughtful gift for a golf lover in your life, take a virtual tour of a golf art gallery to find golf course pictures and golf photographs that will delight them.